Radiance Ultra 4K UHD 32

Radiance Ultra 4K UHD 32

Premium Endoscopy Visualization

Featuring four times the resolution of HD, ultra-wide-gamut color technology, and a high-brightness LED backlight, the Radiance® Ultra 4K/UHD 32" offers an unprecedented level of detail, sharpness, and clarity. The quad-link SDI input supports both 2-sample interleave and square division 4K formats to ensure compatibility with 4K/UHD endoscopic camera systems.

Endoscopic visualization is enhanced with an LED backlight that produces vivid colors and a level of brightness that can increase the visibility of recessed anatomy during procedures. Medi-Match™ color calibration assures consistent image quality and accurate color reproduction. The result is outstanding endoscopic video image performance.


  • Optimized for 4K endoscopy applications
  • Auto-Select 1080p backup
  • Medi-Match™ color calibrated
  • Cleanable splash-proof design
  • 10-year scratch-resistant-glass guarantee
  • Exceptional brightness and response time